Affiliate links to operator sites may make it more difficult for operators to maximize their own SEO strategies.
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An affiliate by accident, Phil Fraser made a go-to destination for online bingo players.
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GPWA member edgarf76 says reputation is important for affiliate programs, and that he prefers to develop a rapport with affiliate managers based on trust rather than hard closes for top positions.

Webmaster News: Santa Ysabel plan to offer Internet gambling in California hits roadblock
Both state and federal authorities filed lawsuits seeking to shut down the tribe's online gambling operations.

Mike enjoys the challenge of link building, but sees social media as a bit of a quagmire for affiliates.

GPWA member scandinaviangaming has 200 sites to look after, but credits his "A team" with helping him keep everything up and running.
Hometown and Living In: Uruguay

Adel discusses his background as a dating site affiliate, the challenges of promoting Bitcoin casinos and the advantages of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Dave discusses his background in brick-and-mortar betting shops, the risks of free bet sites and the decline of horse racing in the U.K.
Hometown and Living In: Durham, England, United Kingdom

Jen talks about the important aspects of a bingo room, working with her brother and why she doesn't like talking to affiliate managers on Skype.
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The U.K. bingo market is competitive, but affiliates can still make their sites stand out and succeed.

Online bingo parlors in the U.K. rely heavily on daytime ads to reach their customers, but conservative members of Parliament are concerned about the effects of these ads on children.

Jason talks about the "competition community," being a geochemistry Ph.D. and photographing ducks.
Hometown: Portsmouth Living In: Llanelli, Wales, United Kingdom

Matt discusses the U.K. bingo market, the importance of timely payments and why he doesn't really do SEO anymore.
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Paddy Power's recent growth has spurred developments in its affiliate marketing plans.

The bingo market differs from other online gaming markets, but it has a lot of potential for cultivating loyal, frequent players.

Dave discusses mobile bingo, Web design and why he's willing to pay for good content.
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Ryan discusses the counterintuitive economics of offering tips, the pitfalls of moving from a U.S. to a U.K. host, and the perils of giving away anything for free.
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Affiliate Interview: Panda-proofed and ready to go!
Andy Edwards talks bingo, handling Google Panda updates and knowing your competition.
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Aidan talks offline marketing, free stuff and the importance of patience.
Hometown and Living In: Leicester, England, United Kingdom

It's critical for affiliates to know their audience when promoting poker, bingo, casino games and sports betting.

Hussein Chatin discusses the importance of coaching, how to deal with plagiariasm and some tips for SEO.

Greg discusses moving from being an AM to an affiliate, the great people he's met in the industry and outsourcing his time management.
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Craig discusses why he promotes bingo, his background in SEO and why he thinks Van Damme would be great to have in ads.
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Hometown and Living In: Barnsley, England, United Kingdom

Josy discusses why she doesn't do much with poker sites, working in multiple languages and the difference having a GPWA seal on her site has made.
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James discusses the World Cup, marketing bet365's non-sportsbook sites and what makes the bet365 casino special.

Alexey talks about being caught in the Second Tulip Uprising, being caught in a coup in Latvia in the '90s and the problems with USA affiliate programs.

Andy talks about how he manages his time to run so many sites, how he got into the industry and why he's a GPWA member.

After spending 20 years managing a bowling center, Janet decided that 70- to 80-hour work weeks weren't for her. Now, as a full-time employee at GamTrak, she likes working from home.

Has the bingo bubble burst? Or is the best yet to come?
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Webmaster News: Playtech launches platform for mobile gaming
The new mobile Web app is the latest cross-platform solution from Playtech, allowing players to continue playing their favorite online casino games on the go.

Affiliate Interview: "We're all family in the GPWA!"
The man behind, "hakank" says he's thankful for GPWA members who helped him out when he was in a bind.
Hometown and Living In: Gustafs, Sweden

Rob Hutchison, aka "OnlineBingoClub" at the GPWA forums, says bingo players love free games and no-deposit bonuses and explains how the "Show Us Your Bingo Wings" promotion came to pass.
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Even though online bingo continues to flourish outside the U.S., there are still several challenges for the industry that lie ahead.
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There's still plenty of room to grow in the female gambling market, and marketing dollars should follow the path of least resistance.
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Antoine talks about why he doesn't drink, why he likes to keep his site small and why he thinks he might be in the wrong business.
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Living In: Caribbean

Heather talks about being an industry old-timer, the effects of the UIGEA and her attempts to develop a payment processing solution.

Andrew discusses martial arts, his background as a network security engineer and why he promotes a broad range of sites.

lemcevoy says his biggest fears are heights and sharks, so he wants to face those fears by sky diving and jumping into a shark cage before he dies.

Christine says being part of the online gaming industry is like exploring a new universe: "It is an ever-changing industry and you have to stay on your toes to keep up with the daily changes."

When Robin was searching for the best way to keep track of her online casino login information, she realized that other players might like to have all that information in one spot as well.

She gets to work at home, doesn't have to get up early, has no bosses or managers, gets to own her own business, earns good money and takes days off whenever she wants. Sounds like a dream job to us!
Living In: Minsk, Belarus