United Kingdom Affiliate Interviews

This affiliate brings players into the fold with the help of a moustache-twirling Victorian persona, putting an emphasis on branding and uniqueness.

A focus on live casinos and their potential as well as an eye for spotting trends has paid off for this affiliate.

This affiliate's niche just happens to be one of his favorite pastimes: betting on sports on his smartphone.
Topic: Sportsbook

This research scientist turned his passion for sports betting into a second career.
Topic: Sportsbook

These two webmasters switched from running their own site to helping out their fellow affiliates.

The key to happiness is to get paid for something you'd do in your spare time anyway, according to this affiliate.
Topic: Sportsbook

This sports betting affiliate says blogging about his latest project has helped himself and the community.

His love for the Grand National began with a 50-pence bet at age 13 that turned into a year's supply of comic books.

Before launching his affiliate site, Gary owned an IT solutions business. He says growing pains in any business can be tough, and learning SEO is the only way to go for affiliates.
Topic: Sportsbook

At just 24 years old, MrBinaryAff has already built one of the top binary options affiliate sites on the Web.

GPWA member angrymob loves working in the horse racing industry, even if that means he works every day but Christmas.

Darren is full of memorable lines; he says the "waters of affiliate earnings are a choppy sea" and calls the GPWA "the U.N. of the gambling world,"

Andy can't play online casino games because he lives in Thailand, but he has no problem running successful affiliate websites.

Mike enjoys the challenge of link building, but sees social media as a bit of a quagmire for affiliates.

Dave discusses his background in brick-and-mortar betting shops, the risks of free bet sites and the decline of horse racing in the U.K.
Hometown and Living In: Durham, England, United Kingdom

Mark discusses his plans to move away from just poker, the underserved sit-and-go market and his opinions on Sheldon Adelson.
Topic: Poker

Jason talks about the "competition community," being a geochemistry Ph.D. and photographing ducks.
Hometown: Portsmouth Living In: Llanelli, Wales, United Kingdom

Matt discusses the U.K. bingo market, the importance of timely payments and why he doesn't really do SEO anymore.
Topic: Bingo

Matt discusses placing his first bet, the "Punting Confessional" and his passion for horse racing.
Topic: Racebook

Andy discusses how his site evolved, the importance of exclusive deals and how to make money on a free bets site.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Carlisle, England, United Kingdom

Harry discusses free bet comparisons, what he looks for in an affiliate program, and the importance of never giving up.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Hereford, England, United Kingdom

Gary talks about the industrial accident that caused him to change careers, why he wants to sponsor a televised horse race and getting trapped in the Google Sandbox.
Topic: Sportsbook

Mathew discusses social media marketing, the importance of good content and how to foster a sense of community online.
Topic: Sportsbook
Hometown and Living In: Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Dave discusses mobile bingo, Web design and why he's willing to pay for good content.
Topic: Bingo

Ryan discusses the counterintuitive economics of offering tips, the pitfalls of moving from a U.S. to a U.K. host, and the perils of giving away anything for free.
Topics: Bingo | Sportsbook

Thepogg discusses video content and gives some opinions on the DOJ's case against online poker operators.
Hometown and Living In: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Andy Edwards talks bingo, handling Google Panda updates and knowing your competition.
Topic: Bingo

Eddie Yu discusses his new book and the benefits of working from home.
Hometown and Living In: London, England, United Kingdom

Greg discusses moving from being an AM to an affiliate, the great people he's met in the industry and outsourcing his time management.
Topic: Bingo

Billy discusses how he started a Scottish poker forum, why rev share is better than CPA and why he bets on "poker-themed" horses.
Topic: Poker

Craig discusses why he promotes bingo, his background in SEO and why he thinks Van Damme would be great to have in ads.
Topic: Bingo
Hometown and Living In: Barnsley, England, United Kingdom

Peter discusses his horse racing sites, black and white hat SEO, and the importance of building a brand.

Andy talks about how he manages his time to run so many sites, how he got into the industry and why he's a GPWA member.

After years as an "office pleb," Mark decided to take his destiny into his own hands as an online gambling affiliate.

Truth is, the first sites "FictionNet" built were literary focused, but he's been an online gambling affiliate since 2001.

Rob Hutchison, aka "OnlineBingoClub" at the GPWA forums, says bingo players love free games and no-deposit bonuses and explains how the "Show Us Your Bingo Wings" promotion came to pass.
Topic: Bingo

Richard Wright, known as "QwertyCasino" on the GPWA forums, says he joined the GPWA because he wanted the seal of approval on his sites. "It was only when I looked into it a bit further that I discovered how bloody helpful it was," he says.

Paul discusses teaming up with other rakeback sites, how he got his nickname and whether he really let the air out of an MP's tires.
Topic: Poker

Bill discusses working in a genetics lab, how he got into the investment game and playing slots as a kid when the adults weren't looking.

Andrew discusses martial arts, his background as a network security engineer and why he promotes a broad range of sites.

Andy says he's always redesigning, tweaking and testing his site, and is doing his best to learn SEO.

Cedric says he found the affiliate trade while searching for the "potential for building residual income and high possible revenues without any burdensome financial investment and achievable within a short time frame." Of course, the reality was somewhat different from his initial expectations.

An affiliate with a Web consulting business on the side, Charlie has done work in the healthcare engineering, jewelry and gambling industries. He learned very quickly that there was no one-size-fits-all solution and that he needed to understand each industry on its own in order to succeed.

After getting started in the online gambling industry with Ladbrokes, Dave started onlinecasinoreviewer.com as a hobby. One year later, he decided to try to make it as a fulll-time online gambling affiliate.