GPWA Times Magazine Issue 40 at a Glance

World Cup hysteria
The FIFA World Cup kicks off this summer in Russia, meaning there are prime opportunities for iGaming affiliates to increase their revenue stream. »

A narrow window of opportunity
With the U.S. on the brink of a massive iGaming expansion, affiliates should be on the alert and fully prepared to cash in. »

SEO trends for gambling affiliates in 2018
While there haven't been any algorithm changes recently, the rat race of Google rankings will still be influenced by some obvious trends. »

7 bold UK predictions
With an atmosphere of uncertainty hovering over the U.K. iGaming industry, Chris Strutt provides his 2018 prognosis. »

The GPWA speaks
GPWA members and contributors predict what's to come for the iGaming affiliate industry in 2018. »

Finding your niche
Former IT executive Neil Walker credits his success in the affiliate industry to his commitment to specializing in live casinos. »
Affiliate Interviews

This affiliate brings players into the fold with the help of a moustache-twirling Victorian persona, putting an emphasis on branding and uniqueness. »

This affiliate moved from IT into affiliation after creating a forum specializing in sports betting in Portugal and Brazil. »

From Asia to European countries and beyond, this affiliate has seen success in sports betting. »

A focus on live casinos and their potential as well as an eye for spotting trends has paid off for this affiliate. »
From the Forums
The GPWA: Pros and cons of opening affiliate links in new windows
When looking for the most effective strategies and tactics, affiliate webmasters very rarely receive a simple, clear-cut answer. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

With experience as both an affiliate and operator in the iGaming industry, Maximilian Solz is committed to developing lasting relationships. »
APCW Wall of Shame
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. People have long been living their lives by those wise words.»
Issue 40