United States Affiliate Interviews

This affiliate brings players into the fold with the help of a moustache-twirling Victorian persona, putting an emphasis on branding and uniqueness.

GPWA member pocketfives says the UIGEA was a wound that never fully healed for the U.S. online poker industry, including his site, and that Black Friday was the nail in the coffin.
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GPWA member edgarf76 says reputation is important for affiliate programs, and that he prefers to develop a rapport with affiliate managers based on trust rather than hard closes for top positions.

"Casino Dave" has been an affiliate since 2005 and has lived through the ups and downs of the industry.

Trev runs fantasy sports affiliate sites and takes on the tricky balancing act between work and family.

TJ discusses bad business practices, the strength of mini sites and dealing with content theft.
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Jon discusses how he decided upon his market niche, the challenges of keeping up to date on multiple jurisdictions and why he doesn't post on the forums more often.
Topic: Poker

Sylita discusses how her background in professional basketball helped her get started as an affiliate, why she sticks to one language per site and why she hasn't yet opened a sports betting site.
Hometown and Living In: Virginia, United States

Keith discusses learning poker strategy, making money off no deposit bonuses and watching Dan Kelly's poker career.
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Ryan discusses the popularity of heads-up poker, finding a gap in the market and managing the time he spends posting on forums.
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Ken discusses playing televised blackjack, the difference between tournaments and cash games, and recent developments in U.S. regulation.

MJ discusses why it's important to work with programs that treat players well.
Hometown and Living In: Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Rod discusses the early days of SEO, how nongaming sites differ from gaming affiliate sites, and the failures of the Mexican postal system.

Gary Menges discusses his online poker league, merchandising and why he wants to go back in time.
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Travis talks about why he started a bingo site, direct versus three-way links and what he wishes he'd known when he first started.
Topic: Poker
Hometown and Living In: Pennsylvania, United States

JC discusses why he moved to Mexico, why he doesn't work with affiliate managers who have their own sites and his background as a sports pool bookie.

Jason discusses why he sticks with poker sites, gaining motivation from losing his day job and why affiliates should offer extra incentives.
Topic: Poker

Anthony talks about running a "MySpace for poker fans," online versus land-based poker and good bankroll management.
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After spending 20 years managing a bowling center, Janet decided that 70- to 80-hour work weeks weren't for her. Now, as a full-time employee at GamTrak, she likes working from home.

Moore says it's important to form bonds with folks in the online community, and that proved to be true when he was diagnosed with cancer.

One of the most well-known and respected webmasters in the industry, Dominique says forums are "invaluable for learning the trade, staying up to date and forming relationships." No wonder she spends so much time at the GPWA!
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There's no doubt Pat Chapdelaine (aka "giggles7p") is one of a kind; just wait until you read about why she selected her avatar. Pat opens up about having a son serve in the military overseas in Iraq and her love of all animals — except for spiders.
Hometown and Living In: Bristol, Connecticut, United States

GPWA member Daera advises affiliates that adding a forum component to their site takes a huge investment of time.

GPWA member jinnia says that if she could have one super power, it would be the power to heal.
Hometown and Living In: Springfield, Missouri, United States

Robert Medl discusses being a jack-of-all-online-trades, the difficulties of tracking individual player behavior and the difficulty of finding pinball machines these days.

Kathleen talks about her username and her site's name, why she went the forum route and her experience surviving a horrific car crash.
Topic: Poker

Tyson started playing poker as a kid, wagering Halloween candy. Now he's built one of the world's most successful online poker forums, FlopTurnRiver.com.
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Sharon joined the Maximum Poker League forum as a member, but it wasn't long before she was asked to be a moderator.
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Bruce says he gets advice and constructive criticism from senior members of the GPWA.
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When Robin was searching for the best way to keep track of her online casino login information, she realized that other players might like to have all that information in one spot as well.

While "cat" would be the obvious choice, Kat says the experience of flying would be too good to pass on.