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From the GPWA Forums: Social media followers: What's the point?
The relationship between online gambling affiliates and social media has seen its share of ebbs and flows over the years.

The most lucrative market for online gambling may be one that hasn't been sufficiently targeted.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter can do wonders for an affiliate's traffic.

From the GPWA Forums: Fastest way to more visitors
Dan Horvat has a challenge for GPWA forum members.

From the GPWA Forums: How "social" do I need to be?
GPWA forum members discuss how much time affiliates ought to be spending on social media.

Social networking for affiliates can be challenging, with stiff competition and content overload.

Two Amaya execs discuss a range of current events in the online gaming industry.

Webmaster News: 888 to launch real-money gaming on Facebook
888 will offer bingo, casino and slot games to Facebook users in the U.K.

Google Plus provides an opportunity for affiliates to use social media marketing to improve their SEO.
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Unlinked brand citations appear to have no impact in search rankings under Google's current algorithms. Affiliates need to be more creative to use Twitter to improve SEO.

Vin reconstructs the events of Black Friday as seen from the Internet, including witness commentary and a timeline of press releases.

Social media can help operators and affiliates with acquisition, retention and brand management. Adam van Vlaardingen gives affiliates some strategies to utilize social media platforms to help achieve their business goals.

This Facebook application lets players track and share where they've played, providing a wealth of user-generated content for affiliate marketers to use.

As millions of users make Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, PerfSpot and Orkut their primary homes on the Web, portal webmasters need to consider how to reach this critical and growing audience.

As a channel, social media platforms are a necessary, integral next step for traditional e-mail service providers.

The benefits of being a member and participating in industry forums cannot be overstated.

The APCW's "Perspectives Weekly" videos are viewed on average more than 20,000 times a month.