While many affiliates may be well aware of parasite SEO, many don't know where to start. The fact is that it's becoming even more present, especially after the core update in March.
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Is it possible to generate quality content and earn high Google rankings? Andy Heaford from explains the tradeoff between the two and how to find the correct balance.
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Like it or not, Google's Core Web Vitals are a crucial factor in the ranking of your site. Tom Reaney from Blueclaw Media explains why it's important to adhere to the new rules and what tools to use to achieve higher rankings.
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In order to get ahead and acquire players, implementing a data-driven strategy that encompasses that basics of SEO is a must.
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The fear of creativity can cause affiliate marketers to get stuck in their safety bubble where their success is measured solely by Google rankings and number of clicks.
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For iGaming affiliates, understanding what it all means will be vital for maintaining current visibility and revenue streams.
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The iGaming waters have been muddied by a global pandemic. Now, more than ever, affiliates and operators need to employ a strategic marketing and link building strategy that gets their brand message in front of the right audience.
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Andrew Parker from Blueclaw Media breaks down how iGaming affiliates should alter their content marketing and SEO strategies in the face of an unpredictable and unprecedented pandemic.
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You can no longer rank on links alone. But here's the catch: You still need links to gain visibility. Nick Garner explains the why and the how.
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The FIFA World Cup kicks off this summer in Russia, meaning there are prime opportunities for iGaming affiliates to increase their revenue stream.

While there haven't been any algorithm changes recently, the rat race of Google rankings will still be influenced by some obvious trends.
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Affiliate Interview: iGaming is a man's best friend
From diamonds and jewelry to iGaming, this SEO expert has found his niche.
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It's often said that content, content and more content is vital to driving traffic to and monetizing an affiliate website. But when it comes to the iGaming industry, engagement — not content — is the real king.
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Figuring out and acquiring the right domain name for your project seems harder than ever, but domain extensions open up new possibilities.
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Affiliate links to operator sites may make it more difficult for operators to maximize their own SEO strategies.
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Greyheart Media's Mike Litson provides webmasters with tips on what they need to do to get their website's SEO as fit as a fiddle in the new year.
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The online gambling industry is constantly changing, and affiliates must stay up to date with the latest trends in order to compete, both today and in the future.

SEO expert Nick Garner explains the philosophy behind Google's trust rankings and gives webmasters tips to rise in those ranks.
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Mobile SEO is so important to affiliates. Nick Garner explains how improving the user experience will attract visitors.
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Introduction: Unlocking Google's secrets
SEO expert Nick Garner shares tips to affiliates on how to gain more of Google's trust and how to perform better in mobile search.
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Google's new Quality Rating Guidelines lay out a process for webmasters to follow in order to rank well in the search giant's algorithms.
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Google has come down hard lately on websites it deems spammy, so affiliates may need to update their websites to stay clear of penalties.

The U.K. bingo market is competitive, but affiliates can still make their sites stand out and succeed.

Affiliates should avoid these common pitfalls if they want to make the most of the opportunities the World Cup presents.
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Introduction: Brazilian Bonanza
This year's World Cup provides a wealth of opportunities for sportsbook affiliates.

Webmaster News: Yahoo beats Google in U.S. Web traffic
For the first time since May 2011, Yahoo had more unique visitors in a month than Google--and that's not even including Tumblr.
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In the wake of Google's Penguin 2.0 update, knowing how to bounce back after being penalized by the search engine giant is more important for affiliates than ever.
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"In-play betting" and mobile betting are driving the bulk of the growth in the sportsbook sector.

Here are some tips on how to overcome gaps in the conversion process so you can always be closing, as they say in real estate.

Affiliates should have a good content management system and know how to use it effectively.

Google provides a lot of advice on marketing with Google, but how can affiliates tell what's real and what's hype?
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The "rules" of SEO can change rapidly, so it's importance for affiliates not to rely on gimmicks that may soon become outdated.

Here's what to do if Google issues a claim that your site has unnatural links.

Affiliates need to know how to gain the top spots on Google's SERPS--without being mistaken for spam.

Building a link profile without triggering penalties from Google's algorithms can be tricky, but it's worth learning how to do.
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Google Plus provides an opportunity for affiliates to use social media marketing to improve their SEO.
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This 11-step process can help affiliates improve their SEO rankings in a short period of time.
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Advice for overcoming some of the mental roadblocks affiliates run up against when developing their SEO strategy.

Panda is Google's answer to the tragedy of the SEO commons, and affiliates will need to change their tactics to compete under the new rules.

Unlinked brand citations appear to have no impact in search rankings under Google's current algorithms. Affiliates need to be more creative to use Twitter to improve SEO.

With relatively low competition and the ability to reach areas where gambling is not a popular activity, the forex market may be a lucrative place for affiliates to invest their resources.
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Google has come down against some common SEO techniques. Here's what to do instead.
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Gary Beal offers a list of ways webmasters can get top rankings in Google, including some black hat SEO techniques that he does not condone.

With projected growth for mobile search ad revenue, affiliates need to invest the time and money necessary to become mobile Web present and compliant.

Affiliates should use geographical targeting to compete with the money and resources behind corporate SEO and PPC.

Webmaster News: Bing steps into search engine battle against Google
Microsoft launched Bing in an effort to revive its moribund search engine business, and one month later, Microsoft and Yahoo! reached a 10-year agreement in which Yahoo! will use Bing as its search engine.
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From the GPWA Forums: Always use rel="nofollow" for affiliate links!
In this issue, we take a closer look at the discussion surrounding the rel="nofollow" tag and its impact on page rank and search engine optimization.