Lorien Pilling

Online casinos have been utilizing cryptocurrencies for nearly a decade. But due to increased government regulations and an overall acceptance within the industry, the volume of bets and payments has experienced a rapid and steady rise since early 2020.
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An unimaginable pandemic has prompted formerly reluctant jurisdictions to dip their toes in the iGaming pool, which has created prime opportunities for both affiliates and operators.

As the iGaming industry continues to evolve, Lorien Pilling explains that it's vital for affiliates to think long-term and constantly reiterate their value to operators.

Determining the right number of gaming licenses in a market is more complicated than you might think.

Defining and identifying emerging markets in the iGaming sector used to be relatively simple. But over the last five years, the concept of an up-and-coming market has taken on different connotations for different parts of the iGaming supply chain.

While mergers and acquisitions may increase total revenue numbers, they don't fundamentally alter the challenges iGaming businesses face.

Recent changes in the U.K.'s regulatory scheme will impact affiliates market the World Cup.

The online gaming industry is having a period of consolidation, which will have implications for everyone involved.
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While many European lotteries allow tickets to be purchased online, U.S. state lotteries are just starting to look at online options, following the reversal of the DOJ's interpretation of the Wire Act.

Governments are beginning to develop different regulatory schemes for online gambling. Some may hit affiliates and operators harder than others.

To find a viable new online gambling market, affiliates need to consider and analyze a number of variables.
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