Payment Processing

Since launching in 2009, the enigmatic cryptocurrency's viability and value have been volatile, to say the least. But as more businesses acknowledge its legitimacy, the more accepted it's become -- particularly in the world of iGaming.

Putting a charge in payment processing
Shemer Katz, the general manager of SafeCharge Israel, discusses the card-issuing solution, risk management and payment processing on mobile platforms.

Webmaster News: Nevada issues warrant for arrest of former Seals With Clubs chairman
Bryan Micon, who ran the Bitcoin-fueled poker site before moving to Antigua after his home was raided by Nevada Gaming Control Agents, was charged with operating an unlicensed interactive gaming system.

Webmaster News: Optimal Payments agrees to buy Skrill for $1.2 billion
The two payment processing firms will combine to form the Enlarged Group following the $1.2 billion acquisition. The move helps diversify Optimal Payments' customer and affiliate base, geographic reach and product offerings.

Cybergaming Consultants CEO Tony Axisa discusses the evolution of Malta's place in the online gambling world, as well as current issues and the future of online gambling on the island.

Digitizing cash for online gaming
InComm executives discuss the company's Vanilla Reload card, a prepaid card used to digitize cash at retailers worldwide.

Reach out to players in the funnel at the right place and time
Executives from Skrill and Optimal Payments discuss the early stumbling blocks in payment processing and the learning curve in the regulated New Jersey online gambling market.

Introduction: Adding sophistication to payment processing
GPWA Editor-in-chief Vin Narayanan sits down with top executives from Optimal Payments, Skrill and InComm to discuss the payment processing environment.

When gray markets turn white: Payment processing in a regulated environment
Joel Leonoff, CEO of Optimal Payments, discusses the challenges of keeping up-to-date on regulatory changes and working with banks.

The instability of Bitcoin's value makes using it to gamble at online sites like SealsWithClubs a volatile proposition.

Webmaster News: Massachusetts Internet gambling hearing focuses on geolocation, payment processing issues
The Massachusetts Gambling Commission heard from a variety of expert witnesses and discussed the early results of the three states that have regulated online gaming thus far.

Here's a brief guide to how payment processing actually works.

NETELLER works with affiliates and operators to provide payment processing for online gaming.

Webmaster News: QuickTender's wallet slams shut
The electronic wallet says it is stopping services after several bank accounts were frozen by court order following another round of DOJ indictments.

Always on the lookout
Affiliate Guard Dog's Andrew Mueller wants to monitor changes in terms and conditions, the timeliness of affiliate payments and other technical data of use to affiliates.

In the online gambling industry, a decade is practically a lifetime. As the calendar turns from the aughts to the teens, we look back at the previous decade and see an era marked by rapid growth, market- and industry-altering earthquakes, arrests, trials, recession, and new and emerging growth areas.

The new payment application is a client-server tool that gives affiliates the ability to track payments made by programs they promote, but there's much more to the application than meets the eye.

APCW Wall of Shame: Southern District of New York
One of the biggest thorns in the side of the online gambling industry finds its proper place on the APCW's Wall of Shame.

Webmaster News: Norway passes its own version of the UIGEA
The Norwegian legislation bans financial service providers from processing online gambling transactions.

Webmaster News: Banks given until Dec. 2009 to comply with UIGEA
Financial service providers that do business in the U.S. are required to do due diligence on corporate customers to ensure they are not processing gambling transactions.

Webmaster News: Ivobank offering online services
Ivobank is an FSA-authorized, regulated independent bank that offers services to online gaming businesses and customers.

Affiliates and online gamblers who saw up to $55 million frozen by the U.S. Department of Justice are waiting to see if and when they will receive their funds.

In the post-NETELLER era, U.S. players have been forced to get creative to fund online gambling accounts.