Cartoon Caption Contest

Our affiliate manager is on a plane, showing off his laptop to the distinctly unimpressed-looking woman seated next to him.

Our GPWA affiliate has a single paltry chip to his name at the blackjack table, but is staring at a debonair gentlemen flanked by two beautiful women with stacks of chips in front of him.

In the midst of all the World Cup excitement, our affiliate seems to be lost in his work. What is he doing?

Everyone's favorite GPWA affiliate is reading about a forecast of doom in 2012 in the papers. But what is he saying about it with his significant other?

If only I had a crystal ball …
Everyone’s wished it one time or another, but this GPWA affiliate has decided to try the real thing. Judging by the look on his face, the fortune-teller must be giving him a real earful.

Our favorite GPWA affiliate is at a local hotspot, surrounded by beautiful women. So why is he staring at his laptop? And what is the bartender saying?

A gambling affiliate works tirelessly through the night while his wife looks on. What is she about to say?