Casino Games Affiliate Interviews

Chris talks about learning early on that you cannot stress about things you cannot control.

This affiliate brings players into the fold with the help of a moustache-twirling Victorian persona, putting an emphasis on branding and uniqueness.

A focus on live casinos and their potential as well as an eye for spotting trends has paid off for this affiliate.

From diamonds and jewelry to iGaming, this SEO expert has found his niche.
Topics: Casino Games | SEO

Previously a risk management/finance department employee at Playtech, this affiliate now keeps his players up-to-date on the news in several languages.
Hometown and Living In: Varna, Varna, Bulgaria

These two webmasters switched from running their own site to helping out their fellow affiliates.

This affiliate started his site to help players avoid unscrupulous operators.
Hometown and Living In: Chandīgarh, India

This former bonus hunter decided to spread the wealth; now he runs five sites with a three-person team.
Hometown and Living In: Berlin, Germany

This affiliate enjoys "the thrill of the race."
Hometown: Riga, Latvia Living In: Larnaka, Cyprus

Bike rides are a great time to have business meetings, according to this affiliate.
Hometown and Living In: Alkmaar, Netherlands

This sports betting affiliate says blogging about his latest project has helped himself and the community.

This affiliate went from bonus hunter to blogger to business partner at a fast-growing family of sites.
Hometown: Kotor, Montenegro Living In: Belgrade, Serbia

After abandoning his plan to become a history teacher, this affiliate sold a site for €4.2 million just three years after launching it.
Hometown and Living In: Amsterdam, Netherlands

This Russian webmaster believes that restrictions on online gambling are a good thing, though domain filtering isn't currently as strong in Russia as it is in China, so it's easy enough to get around.
Hometown and Living In: Russian Federation

We get an in-depth look at the iGaming industry's "fossil record" in Poland from Blazej, who, coincidentally, has a Master's degree in archaeology.

This psychologist takes a seat on our couch and tells us about her life as an affiliate.

GPWA member VegasMaster says that even though his sites offer content in so many different languages, almost none of it is translated and recycled.
Hometown: Brussels, Belgium Living In: Israel

GPWA member edgarf76 says reputation is important for affiliate programs, and that he prefers to develop a rapport with affiliate managers based on trust rather than hard closes for top positions.

"Casino Dave" has been an affiliate since 2005 and has lived through the ups and downs of the industry.

Kajsa says the best way to maximize the value of free-spin players is to keep a constant dialogue with them.
Hometown and Living In: Varberg, Sweden

Darren is full of memorable lines; he says the "waters of affiliate earnings are a choppy sea" and calls the GPWA "the U.N. of the gambling world,"

When he's not playing pickup hoops or online slots, Alex is focusing on creating the best user experience for his customers.
Hometown and Living In: Berlin, Germany

Andy can't play online casino games because he lives in Thailand, but he has no problem running successful affiliate websites.

Mike enjoys the challenge of link building, but sees social media as a bit of a quagmire for affiliates.

Oren of Online Casino Reports explains why his site reacted to the passing of UIGEA in 2006 by launching 54 new, localized versions of the site.
Hometown and Living In: Tel Aviv, Israel

GPWA member scandinaviangaming has 200 sites to look after, but credits his "A team" with helping him keep everything up and running.
Hometown and Living In: Uruguay

Adel discusses his background as a dating site affiliate, the challenges of promoting Bitcoin casinos and the advantages of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Dave discusses his background in brick-and-mortar betting shops, the risks of free bet sites and the decline of horse racing in the U.K.
Hometown and Living In: Durham, England, United Kingdom

Jason talks about the "competition community," being a geochemistry Ph.D. and photographing ducks.
Hometown: Portsmouth Living In: Llanelli, Wales, United Kingdom

Marina discusses the importance of thorough and honest reviews, how she provides services in multiple languages and why she no longer promotes Rival Casinos.
Hometown: Innsbruck, Austria Living In: Netherlands

Sylita discusses how her background in professional basketball helped her get started as an affiliate, why she sticks to one language per site and why she hasn't yet opened a sports betting site.
Hometown and Living In: Virginia, United States

Ken discusses playing televised blackjack, the difference between tournaments and cash games, and recent developments in U.S. regulation.

MJ discusses why it's important to work with programs that treat players well.
Hometown and Living In: Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Jimmy talks about the effect of increased information access on the sports betting scene, New Jersey's fight to regulates sports betting the role of big events in drawing traffic.
Hometown and Living In: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Leopold talks about the roulette industry in Germany, the factual inaccuracies of "Run Lola Run" and his beef with 888.
Hometown: Waldershof, Germany Living In: Germany

Chris discusses the importance of trust, his background as an Internet consultant and why January is the best month for sportsbook affiliates.

Ralph discusses social media, being a rogue superhero and getting advice from GPWA members.
Hometown: Nijmegen Living In: Netherlands

Rod discusses the early days of SEO, how nongaming sites differ from gaming affiliate sites, and the failures of the Mexican postal system.

Mike discusses mobile and live dealer casinos, handling Google updates and the importance of promoting safe, secure brands.

Jem discusses customer service, tournament listings and why he doesn't spend a lot of time on SEO.
Hometown and Living In: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Thepogg discusses video content and gives some opinions on the DOJ's case against online poker operators.
Hometown and Living In: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Tony discusses the importance of the personal touch in branding and illustrates with pictures of his cats.

Davide discusses targeting high rollers and how to deal with being hacked.
Hometown and Living In: Rome, Lazio, Italy

Eddie Yu discusses his new book and the benefits of working from home.
Hometown and Living In: London, England, United Kingdom

Graham Rowlands discusses his websites, the pros and cons of the industry, and the benefits of old-fashioned paper over software.
Hometown and Living In: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

JJ Hofkamp discusses mobile gaming, the affiliate side of mobile gaming and the importance of to-do lists.

Gil Galperin discusses delivering high-quality content in multiple languages.
Hometown and Living In: Tel Aviv, Israel

Hussein Chatin discusses the importance of coaching, how to deal with plagiariasm and some tips for SEO.

Zoorana discusses her background in writing casino articles and teaching English, why she recommended a fellow GPWA member get a tortoise and why she waits to reply to e-mails from affiliate programs.

Carl-Johan discusses the Swedish online gambling market, the importance of links to SEO and how he structures his time.
Hometown and Living In: Stockholm, Sweden

Peter discusses his horse racing sites, black and white hat SEO, and the importance of building a brand.

Jamie talks about his interest in cars, his plans for a GPWA-like site and the recent earthquake in New Zealand.

Otto discusses why he's not targeting the Chinese market, his background in mining alluvial diamonds and why he hopes the U.S. legalizes online gambling soon.
Hometown: Kimberley Living In: South Africa

JC discusses why he moved to Mexico, why he doesn't work with affiliate managers who have their own sites and his background as a sports pool bookie.

Benjamin discusses his different target niches, why he thinks Google prefers a site with a dedicated server and the effects of France opening up its online gambling market.

Alexey talks about being caught in the Second Tulip Uprising, being caught in a coup in Latvia in the '90s and the problems with USA affiliate programs.

Andy talks about how he manages his time to run so many sites, how he got into the industry and why he's a GPWA member.

Arthur discusses the Russian-language market and its differences with the English-gaming market, plus the proper Russian way to drink vodka.
Hometown and Living In: Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

After years as an "office pleb," Mark decided to take his destiny into his own hands as an online gambling affiliate.

After learning the roulette "system" that guaranteed him he would win was really the debunked Martingale System, Teo searched for affiliate programs he could trust and found the GPWA.
Hometown and Living In: Milano, Lombardia, Italy

"Madnesz" says there is "tremendous player value in (forex), which is even bigger than the casino industry."

After spending 20 years managing a bowling center, Janet decided that 70- to 80-hour work weeks weren't for her. Now, as a full-time employee at GamTrak, she likes working from home.

The man behind, "hakank" says he's thankful for GPWA members who helped him out when he was in a bind.
Hometown and Living In: Gustafs, Sweden

Truth is, the first sites "FictionNet" built were literary focused, but he's been an online gambling affiliate since 2001.

Moore says it's important to form bonds with folks in the online community, and that proved to be true when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Hastings quit his "day job" when he realized he was earning more as an online gaming affiliate. He says the ability to teleport would be the best super power and that he's a big fan of the GPWA's "Who sent this money?" forum.

Having clean HTML code is a tough job, but "lunaaurora" says it's a must, along with courage and patience, for affiliate webmasters.
Hometown and Living In: Genoa, Liguria, Italy

Richard Wright, known as "QwertyCasino" on the GPWA forums, says he joined the GPWA because he wanted the seal of approval on his sites. "It was only when I looked into it a bit further that I discovered how bloody helpful it was," he says.

There's no doubt Pat Chapdelaine (aka "giggles7p") is one of a kind; just wait until you read about why she selected her avatar. Pat opens up about having a son serve in the military overseas in Iraq and her love of all animals — except for spiders.
Hometown and Living In: Bristol, Connecticut, United States

GPWA member Daera advises affiliates that adding a forum component to their site takes a huge investment of time.

GPWA member casinoinfogr gives readers a few lessons on how to improve their photography skills.
Hometown and Living In: Athens, Greece

GPWA member pumacat predicts that one day, people will be able to order slot machines to their homes and make deposits with their credit cards.
Hometown and Living In: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Robert Medl discusses being a jack-of-all-online-trades, the difficulties of tracking individual player behavior and the difficulty of finding pinball machines these days.

Antoine talks about why he doesn't drink, why he likes to keep his site small and why he thinks he might be in the wrong business.
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Living In: Caribbean

Bill discusses working in a genetics lab, how he got into the investment game and playing slots as a kid when the adults weren't looking.

Heather talks about being an industry old-timer, the effects of the UIGEA and her attempts to develop a payment processing solution.

Kolbein discusses why he works with Norwegian rather than Spanish markets, why he's fine with using English-language banners on Norwegian sites and why he doesn't go to the beach very often.
Living In: Alir, Spain

Andrew discusses martial arts, his background as a network security engineer and why he promotes a broad range of sites.

A mother of five, Laurie insists that balance motherhood and working as an affiliate aren't as hard as one might think -- at least not when you have an amazing husband.

Andy says he's always redesigning, tweaking and testing his site, and is doing his best to learn SEO.

lemcevoy says his biggest fears are heights and sharks, so he wants to face those fears by sky diving and jumping into a shark cage before he dies.

Adrian decided to go to medical school in Costa Rica and decided to stay, then found a side job as an affiliate webmaster in the online gambling industry.

Diana says a lot has changed in the three years she's been an affiliate webmaster, including how much players know about the industry.

Christine says being part of the online gaming industry is like exploring a new universe: "It is an ever-changing industry and you have to stay on your toes to keep up with the daily changes."

Cedric says he found the affiliate trade while searching for the "potential for building residual income and high possible revenues without any burdensome financial investment and achievable within a short time frame." Of course, the reality was somewhat different from his initial expectations.

When Robin was searching for the best way to keep track of her online casino login information, she realized that other players might like to have all that information in one spot as well.

It's safe to say that at 72 years old, Nandakishore has more breadth of experience than most affiliate webmasters. Born in India, he has a doctorate in German literature and a 30-year career in the IT industry, and he says he's still learning everything he can about the gambling industry.

An affiliate with a Web consulting business on the side, Charlie has done work in the healthcare engineering, jewelry and gambling industries. He learned very quickly that there was no one-size-fits-all solution and that he needed to understand each industry on its own in order to succeed.

After getting started in the online gambling industry with Ladbrokes, Dave started as a hobby. One year later, he decided to try to make it as a fulll-time online gambling affiliate.

She gets to work at home, doesn't have to get up early, has no bosses or managers, gets to own her own business, earns good money and takes days off whenever she wants. Sounds like a dream job to us!
Living In: Minsk, Belarus

After building a cabin in the Patagonian Andes, Pablo got hooked on flying a plane because instead of a two-day mountain climbing adventure to get there, he could arrive in 30 minutes.

While "cat" would be the obvious choice, Kat says the experience of flying would be too good to pass on.